World Renowned Radiation Expert’s Warning to the world people

Expert 1
Topic :Cell Phone Dangers
Speaker:  Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPH     
Place: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

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Highlight in the talk as below:
(1)Mobile phone company have already warned you the danger of using them:Do not put the mobile near your ear.
"Did you know that cell phones come with warnings?"Here's an example: this is the fine print warnings that comes with your iPhone 4, and in case you can't read thatthis is what it says at the bottom, "May exceed the FCC exposure guidelines for body-worn operation if positioned less than 15 mm (5/8 inch) from the body (e.g. when carrying the iPhone in your pocket). How manyof you here have iPhones? How many of you know that you're not supposed to put it in your pocket? Right.This is a problem. Why are these fine print warnings

"Did you know that you cannot get insurance for health damages from cell phones if you're a cell phone manufacturer? You cannot get secondary insurance."

the Blackberry comes with a very clear warning: Do not keep near the pregnant abdomen, and don’t keep near the abdomen of teenagers. Of course, when someone goes from age 19 to 20, I'm not sure what the presumption is there. But that is what the advice is with the Smart Phones: Don't keep near the pregnant abdomen.
You may not be aware about the Blackberry warning, so I just want to tell you that if you have a pacemaker, Blackberry says, "Keep it 20 centimeters from the pacemaker". Of course, your heart is your pacemaker. And it says, "Do not carry it in your breast pocket". Most people are not aware that there are only two sights for mandated testing for all of the 5.5 billion phones in the world today. One is with a 6 mm spacer next to the head, and the other is at the hip in a holster.

(2)Radiofrequency radiation DNA damage:
DNA breaks were observed in the hair root cells in human subjects exposed to 15 minutes and 30 minutes of radiofrequency radiation.

(3)Radiofrequency radiation sperm damage:
This is what they reported in the men: Those who kept phones on in their pockets or on their hip for 4 hours a day had about 40 to 50% of the sperm count of those who reported very little use. Now, you would get almost no man that would report no use of the phone. But this was published in 2008.

(4)Wi Fi cause DNA damage:
Wi-Fi had a significant increase in DNA fragmentation and damage in this study that was published.

(5)Body area which with no bone for protection is most vulnerable to radiation:

Phones are never tested in the shirt or pants pocket. And if they were, according to studies published by a fellow who worked for the industry for 30 years, Professor Gandhi, phones in the shirt or pants pocket emit 4 to 8 times higher specific absorption than those held here at the head or the hip. In other words, you get much greater absorption when the phone is in your pants or shirt pocket.

Expert 2
Barrie Trower Speaks about Microwave Radiation
On August 24, 2010, Mr. Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, gave a talk at the University of Toronto about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation.Mr. Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons. He provided Dr. Havas with a copy of a talk he gave to the King of Botswana earlier this year (April 2010) and that document can be viewed here.Link to article in Toronto Star August 26, 2010: ”U.K. Expert Warns against Wi-Fi.”
(1) Here is a PDF of Barrie trower’s credentials and a presentation to the Welsh Parliament. Or

  1. (See full transcript of interview in South Africa with Barrie Trower here)

April 24, 2010  Interview with Barrie Trower (702 Talk Radio)
Barrie Trower is consulting to governments and other authorities around the world on the health risks of microwave exposure.

Highlight of his talk:
Microwave radiation damage to girl and woman
JCW: So, if France for instance is saying that children should not be given mobile phones under the age of fourteen, for instance…uhm…the European parliament voted by a large majority to recommend tighter safety standards, and this included wi fi and whatever, but also protecting vulnerable groups like children…pregnant moms as well?
BT: Uhm…I saw quite a large delegation from France a few years ago, and not just down to me, but they obviously took heed of what I said and went off and checked a few things, but, we know now in France, I’ll have it published, that they are pulling wi fi out of every single French school, on health grounds.
BT: I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know how long wi fi has been in French schools. I do know that they are spending now 174 million Euros rewiring wi fi sets with fiber optic cables or ordinary cables…uhm…because of the risk to the health…mainly to young women…that the health risk, and if you care to ask, I’ll happily answer.
The main risk from wi fi is to young girls, and the main risk which we know…uhm…to children is to the fetus or the infant. But, children are much more vulnerable than adults…with this radiation, the smaller you are, the more you absorb. So, the main risk is to young girls and the fetus, or the infant.
BT: No ma’am, it’s worse than that I’m afraid. I don’t want to scare your listeners, but I believe in the truth. Uhm, I have one other…uhm…research papers here. I have three research papers. I am a scientific adviser to five organisations, which, part of my brief is I read international scientific papers, I retranslate them into a language that most people can understand, which is how I advise.
The microwaves can damage the genetic structure, we now know, in those ovaries. So, when this young girl grows up, gets married, and has children, if she has a daughter, this particular mitochondrial genetic damage is irreparable. There is nothing at all that can repair it.
So, if she has a daughter, the daughter will carry that genetic deformity, and her daughter will carry it, and her daughter will carry it. So, it isn’t a game anymore, it isn’t a little box that you can press buttons and run around in, and have fun with, we are now seriously jeopardising the future generations for as long as there is a female line of our children’s children’s children, and that is to me the most scariest aspects of all of this.

The Real Danger – how mircrowave radiation cause harm to human body
Eric: Barrie said that microwave frequency is 2.4 GHz, and I guess that’s where most of the damage occurs, and I’m just wondering how far you have to move away from that frequency on either side before you can minimise damage, or is there no effect?
BT: All of the…the microwave frequencies go from 300 Mhz to 300 GHz, and it’s not so much the frequency, sir, it’s the pulse frequency or the modulation frequency that they put with it. That tends to do most of the damage. So, it’s not a question of the microwave frequency per se, it’s a question of all of the pulse and modulation frequencies that carry the pictures, the movement, the sound.
but, to answer your question, sir, it’s really the modulation or the pulse frequency, the carrier waves that they put in, that tend to do most of the damage.

International Situation:  Goverments’ ignorance – not weighing loss (health of citizens) and gain(tax money from telecommunication company who promote Wi Fi, mobile and all dangerous wireless communication devices)
BT: Yes, can I answer that part first, and then we’ll come to the second part. Uhm, when I address governments, what they don’t realise is that there is an initial boost to the government from the industry, putting up towers, and paying rent and anything else that is being paid, but I was talking to a government just two weeks ago, and I said can you really afford this system unregulated, and I’ll tell you why, sir, because most of the money generated from the cell phones, apart from the tax, leaves the country. It’s estimated that from the illnesses, the health bill could go up as much as forty percent in some countries, and they’re not prepared for that. May I just finish, sir.
The third aspect of this, and this has been calculated by The Times, an editor in The Times, that the cost to the planet in making the pollinating insects sick, that pollinate the plants that feed the planet, the cost could be as much as thirty three trillion, that’s a million million, US dollars a year. So, when it comes to profit, there may be a lovely initial boost for the government, but when I address governments, I say, have your economists actually sat down and worked out the real cost of all of this, and they haven’t.

Microwave  radiation disrupt brain waves plus that it is dangerous to use mobile phone while driving
BT: Two questions, the first you should never ever use a microwave transmitter inside a car, because they reflect all of the microwaves backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards, and you are effectively putting yourself into a microwave oven. That is the first thing. The other thing is that we know from experiments, and this has been published, that when you have microwaves near your brain, we know that…it was carried out on children, and a child who used a microwave transmitter, an ordinary cell phone, for two minutes, had his natural brain waves disrupted for two hours afterwards.
Now when you disrupt your natural brain waves, it’s called entrainment, any personality change, depending which part of the brain you’re changing, any personality change can occur, and that’s just with two minutes. So if you have children in your car or you are using a blue tooth near your brain, you are effectively entraining your brain.

Terrifying School Cases
In 2003, there was an international study of schools in just France and Spain, and they found a hundred and thirty leukemia clusters in schools that had transmitters in the playground. Just a few years later I was invited to address the Welch parliament, and I found another forty seven, so, by the end of 2006, between England, France and Spain, we had over two hundred leukemia clusters in schools of eleven children or more, aged eleven or under. That is over two thousand children.
JCW: Right, well that’s…I mean that is an alarming statistic. What about adults? What about teachers? What about people living in the houses nearby that are not children?
BT: The report I wrote, and I’m having it published soon, but I’ve left copies behind, I’ve referenced the report that looked at all the schools and they did find that there was elevated breast cancer…uhm…the first symptom in a lady tends to be breast cancer if it’s going to be serious.
There was elevated breast cancer in the teachers, psychological problems, general ill health…so…my…when I’ve travelled, and I have been right around the world, and I say to any school and any of your listeners now can check this, anyone, I say if you have a transmitter in your school, I will guarantee, absolutely guarantee two things; first, the sickness level will go up, and that includes staff, and the behaviour of the children and the exam results will go down.

Bio-Initiative Report – safety level proposed by Advanced countries
BT: The Bio-Initiative Report, it really flew in the face of the World Health Organisation’s lack of support. Two thousand…no I tell a lie…several scientists from around the world, leading scientists from around the world, spent many years studying the latest two thousand research papers. They cross checked them, they read them, they looked at them, they argued, the discussed, and the scientists who wrote the Bio-Initiative Report, they decided on a safe level that would include children, and they listed all of the illnesses and they came out with this safe level that they considered with today’s knowledge, today’s experts, a safe level for children and everybody else for a lifetime’s exposure.
They published this safe level, and anybody can read it and anybody can use it. To my knowledge it’s been picked up by six or eight governments so far, two were already on it, and I think another six have decided to ignore the international guidelines, ignore the World Health Organisation, and to go straight to the Bio-Initiative safety level.

World Health Organisation –corruption
BT: The World Health…it’s a very good question. The World Health Organisation were challenged by the European parliament very recently, on their stance. The World Health Organisation replied in writing to the European parliament, and I have that document here.
The first thing they said was that they will not give any form of comments or estimate of the impact of this, health wise, until 2015, and they also said that they only started to study the effect on children, last year. So that may be in fifteen years, fourteen years time. So the World Health Organisation are not actually saying anything.
BT: There are to my knowledge legal issues here where parliaments are questioning the decision making processes of the World Health Organisation, and this is an opinion that there may be industrial influences with the committee that helps run the World Health Organisation, and I do know there are legal questions headed that way, but, everybody including myself is bemused, because a few years ago, we looked at the World Health Organisation’s database on electromagnetic radiation of the microwave communication frequencies, and eighty percent of all of their data showed either cancer increases, neurological disorders, what they call microwave syndrome, which is electro sensitivity. Eighty percent of their research showed this, but they were doing nothing about it.