International Alert

While France wisely outlawed wi-fi in its schools due to its serious effects on children, more appliances, transmitters, signals, antennas, phone masts, dishes, and electronic gadgetry is being added by the minute.

France, Germany, and England have dismantled wireless networks in schools and public libraries, and other countries are pressing to follow suit. Israel has banned the placement of cellular antennae on residences, and Russian officials have advised against cell phone use for children under 18.

The British Government has said that children should only use cell phones in a life and death emergency. Some countries  ban children from using cell phones

The Israeli government on March 1st, passed the first reading of a law that said all cell phones must come with warning labels, and warnings that say that the Health Ministry of Israel has determined that cell phones can increase the risk of cancer, and children should be especially careful. It must be on all advertisements for phones. But in addition, Israel has established a National Institute of Cell Phone Research and Safety, and they have established policies to reduce direct population exposure.

In Taiwan, 1,700 schools have actually taken out wifi. Taiwan had removed all sorts of things from school grounds, what I was talking about because it don’t think I was clear, I was vague, has already removed 1,500 masts from school grounds or near their schools and that was as early as 2007 and yes there have been studies around masts in schools and it’s coming up negative just about everywhere.- Barrie Trower, microwave weapon specialist